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James Ross > Salome »


That John thing, it ran right through me, a black seam of guilt and remorse and yes, if I’m honest,…

Apr 20th 2014 / No Comment / Read More »

James Ross > On Love »

on love

“and being in torment in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his…

Mar 29th 2013 / No Comment / Read More »
Debate helping the needy

Prole Factor > Helping the Needy

Richard Curtis, that well-known socialist millionaire, was on Radio 4 the other morning saying we should be proud of the billions we give away in overseas aid. You know, those billions we spend feeding the starving…

Feb 20th 2013 / Read More »
sharpen the guillotine 2

Prole Factor > Sharpen the GUILLOTINE

Back in the halcyon 1780s, France’s ruling class led an idyllic life, crammed together in the palace of Versaiiles, insulated by law, wealth and cultural immunity from the real-world issues of poverty, inequality and want. They’d…

Feb 9th 2013 / Read More »
horse meat

Prole Factor > Horse Meat

A colleague of mine is married to a girl whose family live in the north of Sweden. ‘You’ve never tasted anything like fresh, wild reindeer meat,’ he once told me. ‘They kill it and butcher it,…

Feb 9th 2013 / Read More »
Interview james ross flame

Interview with James Ross

Interview with James Ross James Ross is a critically acclaimed writer who splits his time between living in a garden flat in Camden and an isolated cottage on the Northumberland coast. He only writes online, which…

Apr 14th 2014 / Read More »
tony benn interview

Interview with Tony Benn

Tony Benn, former Labour Party cabinet minister and President of the Stop the War Coalition I interviewed Tony Benn, former Labour Party cabinet minister and President of the Stop the War Coalition, back in January 2008.…

Oct 28th 2011 / Read More »
Eugene Hutz Interview

Interview with Eugene Hutz

    Eugene Hutz is an actor and singer with Gogol Bordello, a Gypsy-punk band rapidly morphing into something quite indescribable. He gave me a bit of a hard time at the start, but he was…

Feb 19th 2011 / Read More »
Novel grendel frontlip featured image

James Ross > Grendel

  Girl meets boy: boy is psycho killer Grendel By James Ross This story is available for download on Amazon. Read the first chapter below… This story contains sexual and violent content of an adult nature,…

Mar 30th 2014 / Read More »
nqa frontlip

James Ross > NQA

NQA – new thriller from James Ross: Free Download for FrontLip readers from the 1st-5th April. Mark Barrett works as a courier in that grey area somewhere between almost and legal. When disgraced EU commissioner Jack…

Mar 28th 2014 / Read More »

Felixstowe > Third chapter: Periphery

Sleepless and burnt out at the age of twenty nine, Felixstowe is one of the romantic poets to whom history turned a blind eye. A peripheral figure, he ekes out a living as an office monkey…

Nov 11th 2012 / Read More »
Blog paradoxical undressing

Lifestyle Curate > Paradoxical Undressing

Thirty years ago a teenager wrote about her life in a diary. So what? I can hear you thinking. Fair point. Except the young woman in question was Kristin Hersh, critically acclaimed songwriter and founder member…

Apr 10th 2014 / Read More »
how to be happy

Smutterings > How to be Happy – in One Easy Lesson

How to be Happy – in One Easy Lesson It’s what everyone wants – the secret to happiness. Well, here it is and, what’s more, it costs nothing and it’s simple.  Now, note before we go…

Apr 8th 2014 / Read More »
the p word

Lifestyle Curate > The P Word

Chatter quietens as a man in a black shirt takes the stage. He welcomes the crowd who perch upon every available surface in the venue drinks in hand, all eyes on the stage. It’s dimly lit…

Apr 6th 2014 / Read More »

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