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James Ross Urban Pastoral – Free Kindle Download »

urban pastoral frontlip

Urban Pastoral: no heroes, no happy endings. When John, Babe and Oriel go on a killing spree there’s no explanation…

Sep 5th 2014 / No Comment / Read More »
Debate liberal humanism 2

Liberal Humanism – How’s that working out for ya?

Across the north, ill-educated, feral youth commit low-level crime without fear or consequence, while their morbidly obese mums, having signally failed to bring up child number one with anything approaching success, go on to produce three…

Sep 1st 2014 / Read More »
catalonia independence now

Emails from Catalonia > Independence now?

In the lead up to regional elections on November 25, 2012 in Catalonia, there’s a lot at stake. If the incumbent CIU president can secure an absolute majority, they have promised a referendum on independence from…

Nov 24th 2012 / Read More »

Lishman on Catalonia

Watching Catalonia via online news on the day of the national strike, I saw the Catalan Police (els Mossos) beating up schoolgirls in Tarragona, in front of the cameras. This wasn’t as shocking as it should…

Nov 17th 2012 / Read More »
Interview john vorvik interview

Interview with John Yorvik

Founding editor of Barcelona Miniguide, pulp-fiction fan, and Smiths obsessive, John Yorvik spent a year completely off the grid, living in a hut in the mountains of Spain, communing with friendly bears, wild boar and marijuana…

May 12th 2014 / Read More »
james ross flame

Interview with James Ross

A critically acclaimed writer James Ross is a critically acclaimed writer who splits his time between living in a garden flat in Camden and an isolated cottage on the Northumberland coast. He only writes online, which…

Apr 14th 2014 / Read More »
Erase Una Vez en Bolivia

Interview with Patrick Cordova, director of Bolivian film ‘Erase Una Vez en Bolivia’

Front Lip was privileged to catch up in person with British-Bolivian indy filmmaker Patrick Cordova, the writer, director and producer of the Bolivian feature film ‘Erase una vez en Bolivia’ (Once Upon a Time in Bolivia). This…

Nov 26th 2011 / Read More »
Novel grendel frontlip featured image

James Ross > Grendel

  Girl meets boy: boy is psycho killer Grendel By James Ross This story is available for download on Amazon. Read the first chapter below… This story contains sexual and violent content of an adult nature,…

Mar 30th 2014 / Read More »
nqa frontlip

James Ross > NQA

NQA – new thriller from James Ross: Free Download for FrontLip readers from the 1st-5th April. Mark Barrett works as a courier in that grey area somewhere between almost and legal. When disgraced EU commissioner Jack…

Mar 28th 2014 / Read More »

Felixstowe > Third chapter: Periphery

Sleepless and burnt out at the age of twenty nine, Felixstowe is one of the romantic poets to whom history turned a blind eye. A peripheral figure, he ekes out a living as an office monkey…

Nov 11th 2012 / Read More »
Cover Version cover version green the warriors

Cover Version > The Warriors

The Warriors (1979 dir. Walter Hill) The Warriors, a cartoonishly violent gang-movie set in late 70s New York, tells the story of a Coney Island street gang who attend an all-city enclave held by Cyrus, leader…

Jul 14th 2014 / Read More »
cover version

Cover Version

There’s nothing really new in the world. Listen to any pop radio station for 30 minutes and you’ll find riffs nicked, samples stolen and heinous musical crimes committed in the guise of cover versions. The same…

Jun 19th 2014 / Read More »

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